Sunday, November 16, 2014

SEATTLE for a couple days of fun and relaxation

Mitch at the first-ever Starbucks...getting some "joe" to go.....

Pikes Market

Deb and Chuck

Mitch and Dad taking a pose for the camera....a little family fun in Seattle

Listening/watching a street musician....

The Ferris wheel on the, we did not take it for a spin.

My handsome husband!!!

Mitch taking a photo from an unusual perspective. Go Mitch!

The pier...watching the boats come in and people watching.

The Carousel at the pier....nope...didn't take a ride here either.

"The gum wall" at Pikes Market. We didn't have any gum with us to chew and stick on the wall...that is one thing we weren't expecting to be able to time??!!!!!!

Looks like Chuck has something growing out of his head.....

The Space Needle with near-by glass "art" that reminded me of something from a Dr. Suess book!
We had beautiful but crisp weather for our 2 days in Seattle! We were walking distance to the Space Needle where we hopped on the mono-rail to the Pike's Market...where we spent most of the whole day in the market looking through the little shops...lots of fun!
We enjoyed a few nice restaurants and ate some yummy food!
That's all folks!

Mama's boys!

I miss these guys!!!!!!

Cambridge to honor Cory John Bergloff

Carla and Deb

Ben, Jake, Paul, Johnny and Mitch....cousin's.

Auntie Deb with some of the crew

Shalee and Ben

Cory's funeral at Cambridge Lutheran Church

Thanks to all who remembered our family with your prayers and for the out-pouring of support with meals and food (to feed all those visiting boys!!) and flowers and hugs and tears...we felt supported and loved and wrapped up in the grace of God.
Cory is missed and will have an honored place in our hearts and memories!
Much love!

We have a tradition that somehow started some years back when it was time to bury my mom and dad's ashes. We have chosen to do our own private graveside burial with the family. We dig the hole (this is where the pain and tears and reality become too real...there is a lot of crying and holding each other as we each take turns with the shovel). We are blessed to have our very own "Pastor Chuck," to lead us in a few sacred words of hope and promise before we commend our loved one into the eternal arms of Jesus. That's the promise we live in and cherish.

Uncle Todd, little Klayton watching and John (Cory's dad.)

Luke and Charlene (hugs!)

"MY" boys... and daughter-in-law.
Mitch, Aaron, Ben, Char, Luke and Jake

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Sister, Annissa and her family: Johnny, Ian and mama Shalee and James


My brother, Todd and his wife, Donna

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Weekend Visitor's from Minnesota!

Red Hills Market 

Mountainside Lavendar Farm: Deb and Heidi

Lavendar Fields

Sotor Winery and Tasting Room
We had a formal tasting event compliment's of Dan's co-worker.

Cousin's....Deb and Heidi

Dan - Deb - Chuck

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A competitive game of pick-up-sticks!
(Deb won!!!)

Chuck with mom and dad...going out on the boat!

Deb and Chuck relaxing at the coast....sun, wind, water, boat and each other....7 quiet, unhurried days! Aaahh!